Android 5.0 silent mode missing

The long awaited Android 5.0 update for my Galaxy S5 has finally arrived in an official update. I wasn’t impressed by the battery-sucking change to put a white background on everything, but hey, I’m adaptable, I can live with that.

However after one (1!) day of use I realised that the silent mode has been removed. The sound icon in the notification area used to cycle between sound/vibrate/mute, now it’s just sound/vibrate. The only way to go silent is to switch to vibrate, then go to sound settings and manually take off the vibration intensity. There has probably been some API changes associated with it as well, as many widgets on the Play Store are broken too.

So my question is: who in their right mind would authorise a change to take out a basic feature that’s been in all my mobile phones since my very first one in 2001? If somehow it got into the RC by accident, how many Google testers does it take to identify this as an issue? Of course there are some toggle widgets that’s been updated to work with Android 5.0, but why would I need to monkey-patch a basic feature like that?

UPDATE: Apparently due to public outrage, Android 5.1 will have silent mode back as before, but as the update goes to manufacturers, then mobile providers, it might take a couple of months for the update to be available on your device.

Thankfully Samsung created an update for the Galaxy S5 5.0 branch, which reverted silent mode changes, along with all the priority contact stuff. While the quick fix is quite welcome, this hybrid Android version might introduce some extra incompatibilities to the already fragmented platform.

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