CodeBin goes social

Starting today, you can now reach out and follow your favourite blog on popular social networking sites. Don’t be afraid to like the CodeBin page on Facebook or follow @CodeBinBlog on Twitter if you don’t want to miss a post. For your convenience, handy links can be found on the top and bottom of every page in the header and footer sections respectively.

Sometimes I come across stuff that doesn’t worth writing a full blog post about, but it would be nice to share with like-minded people. And what better place is there for random pieces of information than social feeds?

I was also just curious about social integration and auto-posting, it was interesting to see how many steps are involved in such a simple feature, having to create apps, generate API keys and security tokens. It’s still a bit of a mistery why Twitter needs 4 long random generated strings, but it’s all in place now for your enjoyment. I wonder how long before someone actually comes along, seeing how well the Christmas puzzle played out. 😛

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