End of 2013 report

I started this blog exactly a year ago on new year’s day, which makes it 1 year old today! Yay! This is a little recap post to summarise what happened over these past 12 months here.

First I’d like to thank all my 3649 unique visitors from all over the world for reading, and for visiting a total of 4492 times. I hope you’ve found something useful on these pages, and I would only ask to give a little more feedback in the future. I promise I’ll try and follow up if you’ve got any questions or problems regarding a post or project.

I have also learned that a lot of people are having problems with their Samsung Galaxy S3 phones, my blog post about it is by far the most popular page on the site accounting for 48.5% of total page hits. That post published in May was solely responsible for my blog’s hits peaking in July, which could only be surpassed by an awesome December, which ended up being the month with the most visits.

Finally, I wish all my readers a happy and prosperous new year! Before I let you all go, let’s do some digging and find some boring statistics in the logs.

Search keywords

Many of you found my blog through a search engine. Unfortunately many interesting keywords are lost, as it is very often hidden from analytics, but there are some which got through. After scrolling through pages and pages of random galaxy s3 boot loop searches, 19 people found my site by searching directly for codebin. I can only hope that you’ve found what you were actually looking for.

I found a couple of searches for compile openprince java and prince persia openprince java, and while I’m not aware another project by the same name, I’m flattered that anyone thought that it actually works. Well, it doesn’t, still in the proof of concept stage, check out the OpenPrince project page for status and future updates. Staying on the subject, someone came here via how to build prince of persia source code, unfortunately I have no idea how to build the Prince of Persia Apple II source released by Jordan Mechner a while back.

I’m completely lost why would anyone search for gitlab codebin, but someone surely did. My post about it is not too informative and already outdated by the rapidly evolving project.

The search for nibbles c64 was probably not directed towards this site, but I hope the one person who entered ocamel wanted to find Ostudio’s amazing game.

On the bottom of the list there was spoon interpreter that found the EsoInt project, hopefully satisfied with the result. Finally don’t ask what welcome to qbasic is supposed to find, while that was what I started out with, there must be better alternatives to get into programming in this day and age.

Boring statistics

Most popular pages and posts

Ostudio (2.1%)
Other (14.5%)

Visitor sources

Google search (76.5%)
Direct traffic / unknown (19.8%)
Bing search (0.6%)
StackOverflow (0.6%)
Yahoo search (0.3%)
Other (2.2%)


Chrome (53.2%)
Firefox (22.8%)
Internet Explorer (7.8%)
Android Browser (6.5%)
Safari (5.1%)
Other (4.6%)


Desktop (84.8%)
Mobile (10.2%)
Tablet (5.0%)

Mobile devices

Samsung Galaxy S3 (26.4%)
Apple iPad (17.6%)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (5.8%)
Apple iPhone (5.5%)
Google Nexus 7 (3.0%)
Other (41.7%)
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