End of 2014 report

Another year has gone by and CodeBin blog is celebrating its second birthday today. Yay! I’d also like to wish all my readers a happy and prosperous new year! This is the usual recap of all that’s happened here.

Apart from a few moderately popular posts about LibGDX and Android stuff, the most popular post this year was about upgrading the Eclipse development IDE to the latest version. With this many hits, I think it’s time for developers to think about making it more straight-forward and automatic in the future.

CodeBin also went social in February last year with Facebook and Twitter accounts, and although the follower and like counters are still under the double-digit mark, it was more as an experiment and development excercise than anything else. Anyways, if you feel like social networks is the best way to keep track of my posts, it’s there if you need them. đŸ˜‰

The NumGuess project has seen some nice pull request with a couple of extra contributors, and it’s already a bigger and nicer project than I would have expected 15 years ago when I wrote the first line of code. Thank you all for your hard work!

The most ambitious project in 2014 was undoubtedly Mangler.js. While it is still not feature complete and lacks up to date documentation, it has helped me shorten some javascript code at work, and anyone is free to try and use it.

That’s about it, let’s see some random analytics stats.


The site’s popularity has seen significant increase, I had about 10 times more visits compared to the year before. Many thanks to all my 31,051 visitors with 47,540 page views.

Most popular posts and pages

Other (7.2%)


OpenPrince (33.2%)
Mangler.js (22.3%)
NumGuess (18.3%)
FakeTileAO (17.9%)
EsoInt (4.8%)


C64 Games (38.9%)
Ostudio (22.4%)
Kill Bill (12.7%)
Ocamel (8.2%)
Oscorch (6.7%)
Otron (3.7%)

Visitor sources

Google search (89.4%)
Direct traffic / unknown (7.3%)
Semalt (0.6%)
Bing (0.3%)
StackOverflow (0.2%)
Yahoo (0.2%)
Other (2.0%)


Chrome (58.9%)
Firefox (28.3%)
Safari (4.8%)
Internet Explorer (4.3%)
Opera (2.1%)
Other (1.6%)


Desktop (95.5%)
Mobile (3.4%)
Tablet (1.1%)
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