Extract FLI animation frames to PNG

The original animations in Ocamel were created in Autodesk Animator, saved in FLI animation format. In the original release I was using a third party Pascal library to run them, but in the 10th Anniversary Edition I had to create my own renderer in C++. One of these days I had the need to extract animation frames to a usable file format, and so the FLI Extractor project was born.

Based on my own FLI player class, its sole purpose is to extract animation frames to PNG image files. It is a simple Windows command line application, with no effort whatsoever to make it cross-platform. I released the code as open sourceĀ under GPLv3 on GitHub, complete with a binary release, but it’s not guaranteed to work and comes with no warranties. You know the drill, if something doesn’t work, you’re quite welcome to fix it.

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