GOG.com indie game submissions

In case you’re an indie developer sitting on a game waiting to be released, you might want to have a look at GOG.com, who has just opened up their game submission page to the public along with a bunch of information about selling your game through their DRM-free digital catalogue. They already have a nice collection of indie games, now yours can be one of them.

They seem to be accepting all kinds of games. Whether it runs on Windows or Mac, has episodic content or planned future DLCs, simply fill in a quick form and upload your game. Even if your game is not accepted, they will get back to you within two business weeks and give you honest feedback. If your game is released, it gets a cross-media marketing campaign: it will be featured in their catalogue and the release will be promoted in a news article on their front page as well as on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The trailer of your game will also be posted on their YouTube channel and featured in “This Week on GOG”, their weekly video editorial.

You get all this for a standard 70/30 (developer/GOG) split on sales. They might even offer you an advance on royalties, in which case it’s 60/40 until the advance is recouped.

It will definitely sell quicker than posting it on your own low-ranked website like this one, so post your own DRM-free indie gem today!

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