Introducing CodeBin projects

As I’m planning to expand the number of projects in my GitHub account in the near future, a GitHub widget in the sidebar doesn’t cut it anymore. Instead of having to hunt down blog posts for updates and improvements, now every project has its own project page on CodeBin. ICYMI you can access the projects and games categories from the top menu, as well as select individual projects from the drop down.

The project page contains a brief overview of the main features, the current status, links to the GitHub repo along with the recent commits and list of contributors, and of course the relevant blog posts on the bottom. If you’re interested in one of the projects, now you know what to bookmark.

Open source projects

  • NumGuess: Number guessing game collection in multiple programming languages
  • EsoInt: Universal esoteric programming language interpreter
  • FLI Extractor: Extract FLI animation frames into PNG image files
  • FakeTileAO: Fake ambient occlusion lightmap generator for tile maps

Open source games

  • OpenPrince: Open source Prince of Persia engine written in Java
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