It’s never late to celebrate

Although 1st January came and went without a post, CodeBin is now officially 3 years old. As my regular readers (if any) know by now, it is time for another recap. Here’s what’s happened in 2015…

Well, not a lot actually. 😉

My projects were fairly dormant during this past year. There were a few exciting new features for Mangler.js, and I’m quite happily using it in my professional projects. There were several additions to NumGuess, but developing the assembly versions to a guideline-compliant state was definitely the one I had the most fun with. On the social side of things, I don’t have any big plans with Twitter and Facebook at this point, but I’m happy to report that they racked up an astonishing 12 followers/likes each, breaking the 2-digit mark.

And finally, here are the usual analytics for no apparent reason:


2015 saw an 18% increase in unique visitors to 36,661 with 53,049 page views. Thank you all for reading! Especially the Eclipse developer community. 😉

Most popular posts and pages


Mangler.js (40.0%)
FakeTileAO (28.9%)
NumGuess (20.9%)
EsoInt (4.7%)


C64 Games (28.8%)
Kill Bill (24.8%)
Ocamel (15.0%)
Oscorch (11.0%)
Otron (8.1%)

Visitor sources

Google search (87.0%)
Direct traffic / unknown (6.8%)
Yandex (0.5%)
StackOverflow (0.4%)
Bing (0.3%)
Yahoo (0.2%)
Other (4.8%)


Chrome (61.9%)
Firefox (25.3%)
Safari (4.6%)
Internet Explorer (3.4%)
Opera (2.9%)
Other (1.9%)


Desktop (94.9%)
Mobile (4.1%)
Tablet (1.0%)
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