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The wait is over! The countdown on the front page has finally reached zero, and the first batch of DRM-free LucasArts games are on sale in the store. The community has been wishing for this deal pretty much since the inception of GOG 6 years ago. The shocking surprise was somewhat spoiled by a leaked forum post yesterday, but I don’t think anyone minded.

Here’s a list of the first 6 games available, the first 3 of which have never been released through a digital distribution platform before:

According to the announcement, this is only the first few of 20+┬átitles to come. I’m really looking forward to my favourite classic adventures: The Day of The Tentacle, The Dig and Grim Fandango; and of course some nostalgic Star Wars titles, like the Rebel Assault and Jedi Knight series, and even that horrible Force Commander that I played such a long time ago. I hope non of those games will miss the line-up.

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