NumGuess Falcon and PowerShell

I am pleased to announce a couple of more NumGuess implementations, this time in the Falcon programming language and a script for the Windows PowerShell. These new additions to the NumGuess family raise the total number of programs to 31.

Falcon is an open-source multi-paradigm language; be it procedural, functional or object oriented programming you’re looking for, it surely has something for you. Programs get compiled for and run in a virtual machine enviroment, which can either be used as a stand-alone interpreter or can be embedded into your applications to use Falcon as a powerful scripting language. If you’re looking for an elegant implementation of a number guessing game, this is not it, I wrote this program to be as simple and as concise as possible. If you want to read more about the language, have a look at the Falcon website, or if you feel you can contribute to the project, head over to its GitHub repo.

The Windows PowerShell script is nothing special, although it’s one of the shortest programs in the collection due to the fact that it automatically outputs every line that evaluates to a string.

Enjoy the latest additions and let me know in the comments what else you’d like to see.

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