NumGuess project updates

The NumGuess project has received a few new entries:

  • Another great little program from Kapa, our top contributor: nothing stops you anymore to play your favourite number guessing game on your web server terminal using PHP CLI.
  • I have also added a few more: a Windows shell batch file version, which should work on Windows 2000 onwards; a Java version, which can be run from the command line; and a UniVerse basic version, which might work on other pick-like databases as well.

It’s not too late to add yours! If you feel we missed some languages that have a special place in your heart, or you can write programs in an exotic and rare programming language, head over to the NumGuess project on GitHub and feel free to contribute.


Another batch of awesome and interesting additions from our newcomers:

  • Anemgyenge added PythonLua and C# command line versions.
  • Vbence added Perl and JVM assembly for Jasmin versions.

A warm welcome to our new contributors, keep up the good work!

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