NumGuess updates and EsoInt

I’m happy to report that most NumGuess versions have been updated according to the guidelines. With Perl only missing a minor feature, non-compliant versions are down to Assembly, Jasmin and Brainfuck, of which the latter is not expected to receive an update anytime soon.

In the past couple of weeks I was looking at Ruby on Rails to keep my development skills up to date, and learned a bit of Ruby along the way, which of course means that I committed a new fully compliant NumGuess version to the repo.

I was also looking at adding another esoteric version, but the main problem with eso languages is that sometimes it’s a real pain to find a compiler/interpreter online. This gave me an idea, and I started a new side-project: EsoInt, an open source universal esoteric programming language interpreter. Bear in mind that the project has just started, and “universal” means that it supports “more than one” language, 7 so far to be exact:

  • Befunge-93
  • Blub
  • Brainfuck
  • Brainfork
  • COW
  • Ook!
  • Spoon

Most of them are Brainfuck variants: Brainfork and COW are minor extensions, while Blub, Ook! and Spoon are direct translations with different “syntax”. Befunge-93 is the only other original language there.

I’m still not sure how Ruby fares solving other coding problems, but developing a simple interpreter for these languages was pure joy: its abundant string operations, regex support and dynamically sized arrays were all very useful. It’s also cross-platform, so nothing stops you to get some esoteric action on both Windows and Linux.

Equiped with my own interpreter, nothing stops me to develop a Befunge-93 version of NumGuess. Fingers crossed, stay tuned.

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