Ostudio’s C64 Games

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Ocom in-game screenshotToday I reviewed another piece of history with the help of Gizmo, who was kind enough to send me his old C64 programs. I fired up the emulator to find three great Ostudio games, ported to the old platform:

  • Ocom: Spring into action in this one-of-a-kind shooter game of frantic joystick breaking fun.
  • Comtron: The C64 port of the well known Otron, this intense multiplayer action game pits two players against each other in classic light racing fun.
  • Nibbles: Port of a a lesser known Ostudio game written as homework for a programming class.

To read more about these games, see some juicy screenshots, and learn about the only graphical utility developed for a finished Ostudio game to date, head over to Ostudio’s C64 page.

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