Ostudio’s Kill Bill

Having had enough of regular blue screen of deaths, Sepu sets out from the IT classroom of VMG with one mission: to kill Bill. Ostudio’s animator was the main character in this great point-and-click adventure game, where he used creative thinking, clever reasoning, as well as his fists and butterfly knife to make his way to the target and eliminate him… at least that was the plan.

Here is another brilliant entry into Ostudio’s history of cancelled projects: Kill Bill. Not to be confused with the Quentin Tarantino movie bearing the same name, which came out a couple of years after our project’s failure.

Read more about this ambitious project on my dedicated Ostudio page.

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One comment on “Ostudio’s Kill Bill
  1. kapa says:

    My best graphics ever (this still does not mean anything good of course) :). All three guys are still recognizable after all those years.

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