Overlap2D 0.1.0 release

Overlap 2D logoOverlap2D is a WYSIWYG UI, scene and level editor by UnderwaterApps, which was released as open source earlier this year. Its goal is to separate the game engine from content creation. Currently, it has a LibGDX runtime.

Main features include:

  • Easy import of images, including 9-patch image support and automatic sprite animations from numbered frames.
  • Drag and drop creation of game UI and scenes.
  • Add custom variables to objects for use by your game logic at runtime.
  • Create item groups and layers for easy manipulation.
  • Supports LibGDX particle effects.
  • 2D physics support by creating polygonal hulls for your sprites and composites.
  • Supports box 2D omni and directional lights with optional physics hit checking.
  • Importing complex animated sprites from BrashMonkey’s Spriter and Esoteric Software’s Spine.
  • Multi-resolution support with automatic resizing of assets. You can also customise your game’s UI based on different aspect ratios.

Have a look at this (slightly outdated) instruction video below to see how it works:

Despite the open source release, it was mostly closed for contributions for the past few months due to major refactoring and architecture changes outside the official repo. With the 0.1.0 release, the project is officially welcoming all contributors to help and improve the project. If you think you can help, head over to this blog post to see how to contribute.

The official project repo can be found on GitHub:

Documentation seems to be work in progress, but their YouTube channel has some step-by-step guides to get you started:

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