The birth of Ostudio

I’ve been busy playing Diablo III lately, as well as other minor things like work and life, so let’s look at another piece of history.

Ostudio logo

Ostudio logo

A long time ago, on a cold winter afternoon in early 1998, me and my friend Kapa were attending our usual IT class. Our teacher always liked to tell stories, and somewhere between an anecdote about punchcards and the adventures of Igor the CPU, he mentioned an old C-64 video game called “Camel”, where you had to shoot camels from an aeroplane while they were dashing through the desert.

We liked the concept and decided to write our own computer game based on the idea. Obviously, shooting camels are boring for 15-year-olds, and we had the perfect cannon fodder in mind.

We created a world where the Earth is in danger from an anthropomorphic alien species called Oatilla, which can proliferate on demand to outnumber its enemies, and which looks nothing like the kid in our class who we didn’t like. There are further antagonists helping the attack, any resemblance to our teachers or any real people are purely coincidental.

To make it happen, Kapa (then known as TUBIfex, I hope he won’t mind me mentioning) brought his incredible video game design and graphical skills, while I (then known as JUdGEci) would write the code to make the world come alive. We also needed full screen animations, for which SepuLaci’s unparalleled talent was a perfect choice, making the experience as immersive as it can be in a 320×200 FLI animation.

The three of us have founded Ostudio, and we developed our first video game: Ocamel.

Ocamel screenshot from Episode 1

Ocamel screenshot from Episode 1

If you want to read more about details of the game’s development, and Ostudio’s troubled history of technical difficulties, cancelled projects, and an imminent legal dispute over our IP with Quentin Tarantino, stay tuned…

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3 comments on “The birth of Ostudio
  1. kapa says:

    Good old days. I still believe in the rebirth of Ostudio :).

    The main boss in Ocamel Episode 3, Mrs. Dragon, was almost unbeatable for average human beings. I guess only you could beat it on the hardest level.

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