The great user purge

As search engines and bots started discovering my blog earlier this year, I started getting a significant amount of spam. It shouldn’t come as a surprise in this day and age, but I thought I would be alright before I reach a stable level of 2 readers per day. It was then when I decided to put some filters in place to block spammy comments and pingbacks. It worked great, and really helped to keep the content clean, but one thing was missing: user registrations stayed wide open.

At the moment the only reason to register is to post a comment on the articles, it sounds logical to get rid of all users without one. If you’re one of the survivors, congratulations and thanks for your feedback.

In case your account got deleted along with the few hundred bot registrations, don’t worry, you’re quite welcome to register again and test my little captcha on the sign up form.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this maintenance.

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