Upgrading Eclipse 4.4 Luna to 4.5 Mars

Eclipse Luna logoEclipse 4.5 Mars was recently released at the end of June 2015. Upgrading is easy as usual and I didn’t experience any errors this time around. Although the lack of a new logo was a bit of a disappointment. ­čśë

There is a new Eclipse installer that you can try, but if you want to go the simple update route, read below for the updated repo URLs.

Upgrading Eclipse

The upgrade process is exactly the same as before: change your software repositories, check for updates and install them. If you’re using other repos, it is a good idea to export the URLs, just in case the repo settings get wiped after the update, which seems to happen often for me. It is recommended to install all updates to Luna┬ábefore upgrading to Mars.

Read my old post with detailed instructions and screenshots if you’re not sure where to look, just make sure you use the new URLs listed here.

Eclipse 4.5 Mars repositories:


After the upgrade you will be prompted to update your workspace metadata to the new version. If you’re worried that something might break, make a backup before upgrading.

If you’re developing for Android, you should have switched to Android Studio by now. As the ADT plugin is no longer maintained, I won’t list the repo URL here anymore.

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