Welcome home, Ostudio!

I am delighted to report that 15 years after its birth, Ostudio finally has a home. While we missed the initial registration of a domain name, the one in its home country has finally became available, and I did not hesitate this time. Ostudio’s new home can be found on… drumrollostudio.hu.

Contrary to popular belief, Ostudio did have a website a long long time ago, but it faded into well deserved oblivion, together with its failed free hosting provider. That one was created with the hideous Netscape Composer if anyone remembers, and used all kinds of scary random decorations and animated GIFs which made many websites in the 90s so awesome.

At the moment our new home is nothing more than a placeholder page to show the world that we’re out there, but make sure to celebrate the website’s launch with us in the “near future”. Let’s all hold our breaths while we’re making something up to commemorate this big event accordingly.

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2 comments on “Welcome home, Ostudio!
  1. kapa says:

    Let’s celebrate!

    “faded into well deserved oblivion” – :D, but do we still have that site backed up somewhere? I would love to take a look.

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