Happy new year, everyone, and welcome to my blog! We have survived the apocalypse, 2013 has just started, I turned 30 not too long ago, so what better time is there to start a blog?

I am a software developer, spent the two-thirds of my life so far writing computer programs. I’m also an avid gamer, in fact computer games were the only reason my 10-year-old self got interested in programming.

So if you’re wondering what is this blog going to be about, that’s pretty much it: my past, present and future adventures in computer programming, from my creepy little ancient basic programs to my more recent web development projects, spiced up with some ridiculously unrelated crap when I get bored. You will find that I usually have a pretty hard time actually finishing a project; during my 20 years of programming, I can probably count my finished games on one hand. Nevertheless, it never stopped me to start a new one hoping it would turn out differently.

As for the domain, I registered it because my hosting came with a free .co.uk domain, and this one was short and available. As an extra convenience, it seems to be suitable for dumping my useless programs in it to pollute the internet, have them lingering forever in search engine caches.

Have fun, and let me know if you find anything interesting or exceptionally embarassing. Now let’s see if I’ll ever find anything worth posting…

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  1. kapa says:

    You already have an avid reader :).

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