Ostudio is a video game developer studio founded by three high school friends in 1998. Read more about the birth of Ostudio in this blog post.

Released Games


Ocamel title screen

A mysterious alien entity drops off an Oatilla on Earth, an anthropomorphic organism used to bring total destruction upon the unsuspecting human race. With its exceptional breeding rate, it is capable of multiplying in numbers at an exponential rate, and if left uncontrolled, mankind would face an enormous force in a matter of days.

Luckily, Ostudio has recognised the threat before it’s too late. Scraping together all the high-tech equipment and heavy weaponry they can find, there should be enough to launch an attack against the Oatillas’ base of operations. Are you ready to lead the assault against the infected apartment block?

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Ostudio’s reimagination of a classic, Otron brings you the well-known light cycle race experience from Tron. In this challenging game up to 4 players can battle on a single keyboard representing four popular characters from Ocamel, trusting only their skill and the number of simultaneous keypresses that can be handled by the PC to prevail.

The goal is simple: don’t hit anything and never run out of space to move to. With no AI code whatsoever, this is a purely multiplayer action game that can be enjoyed by all ages.

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oscorch-title-screenA gaming classic set in the Ostudio universe, the mother of all games returns to scorch some Oatillas off the face of the Earth. There can be up to 10 tanks on the battlefield custom selected from 9 hard-coded teams each represented by their unique colours with well known and never-before-seen character names.

With no story and minimal customisation options, nothing distracts you to enjoy this hot-seat multiplayer artillery experience. With carefully selected unchangeable weapon arsenal, each team has an almost equal chance to achieve victory in every round of play, depending only on their skill and their pre-defined position. Tanks take their turn from left to right, and every tank has a small chance each turn to receive a special weapon drop with the game’s most powerful weapon: the Nuke. Terrain is generated randomly each turn with 4 selectable roughness and 3 erosion values. Weapon damage can be multiplied up to 3 times strength to make games shorter if desired.

You can play on 3 different terrains over 3 selectable backgrounds. With its 640×480 high resolution graphics and 256 stunning colours, this game is sure to impress everyone with beautiful gradient backdrops, subtle terrain noise, advanced explosion and bullet-time effects.

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C64 Games

Ocom in-game screenshotEven though C64 was well past its golden age when Ostudio formed, our good friend Gizmo worked hard to bring the experience to this glorious old platform. As well as porting Otron and Nibbles, he even came up with a new title, which is just as exciting as the rest: in Ocom, you pick up your shotgun once again to save an invaded house from the mysterious alien species, the Oatillas.

  • Ocom: Spring into action in this one-of-a-kind shooter game of frantic joystick breaking fun.
  • Comtron: The C64 port of the well known Otron, this intense multiplayer action game pits two players against each other in classic light racing fun.
  • Nibbles: Port of a a lesser known Ostudio game written as homework for a programming class.

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Cancelled Projects

Flipper in the Snow

Screenshot from development version of Flipper in the Snow.It was Ostudio’s attempt to enter the market of fighting games on the PC featuring its well-known characters in hand-to-hand combat. It was inspired by a C64 game called Snowball Sunday, fighting took place at a snowy location. Players could pick up snowballs, tossing it towards their opponent as an extra ranged attack.

The title of the game has nothing to do with a certain dolphin from the 60s. Flipper is Hungarian for pinball, but it has nothing to with that either. Certain naughty kids in our high school class used the word for a game, where 2 or more people stood in a circle, pushing around one in the middle, making him bounce around like the ball in pinball. Anyways, the game has nothing to do with that either.

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Kill Bill

By being part of the undergroud society of WinBusters, we took pride in removing, reformatting, sometimes even repartitioning harddisks with broken Windows 98 installations. Back in the day we had plenty of work to do, as they seemed to break every few months. This bred a healthy antipathy against Microsoft’s founder and then-CEO, which in turn gave us an idea for the next Ostudio game. It was supposed to be our first game which didn’t focus on the threat of Oatillas.

Having had enough of regular blue screen of deaths, Sepu sets out from the IT classroom of VMG with one mission: to kill Bill. Ostudio’s animator was the main character in this great point-and-click adventure game, where he used creative thinking, clever reasoning, as well as his fists and butterfly knife to make his way to the target and eliminate him. Hunt those pixels and pick up seemingly uninteresting objects from the game world to use them later in cunning ways. Have a computer mouse in your inventory? No problem, I’m sure you can bash someone’s skull in with it later.

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