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Even though C64 was well past its golden age when Ostudio formed, our good friend Gizmo worked hard to bring the experience to this glorious old platform. As well as porting Otron and Nibbles, he even came up with a new title, which is just as exciting as the rest: in Ocom, you pick up your shotgun once again to save an invaded house from the mysterious alien species, the Oatillas.


Ocom title screen Ocom in-game screenshot

Spring into action in this one-of-a-kind shooter game of frantic joystick breaking fun. Fitting in nicely as a mini-game between Ocamel episode 2 and 3, the Oatillas have invaded our beloved school VMG, and it’s being used as a base of operations for their evil plot to take over and destroy the Earth. You have two minutes to aim at and shoot down as many foes as you can when they peek out the window. How many can YOU kill to save the world?

With its breathtakingly detailed graphics, realistic sound effects and a big-nosed sun in the top left corner, this game is sure to hook even the casualest of casual players for a few rounds of headshooting fun. It even has a faster, untextured game mode for the less performant C64 emulators.


Comtron title menu Comtron in-game screenshot

The C64 port of the well known Otron, this intense multiplayer action game pits two players against each other in classic light racing fun. With more customisation options than the PC version, players can choose from … favourite Ostudio characters and a variety of colours. By both players having to play on the same keyboard (or the whole machine in case of this classic platform), it is a true social experience, where you can hear your opponent scream and the cheater is only one slap away.

C64 Nibbles screenshot


The original is a lesser known Ostudio game written as homework for a programming class, and has no connection to the Ostudio universe apart from a shameless promotion screen for our released games. Either way, it could not evade its destinned commodorification. With its three ported levels and responsive controls, it is a fun single player game enjoyable by all ages.

C64 sprite editor

Sprite Editor

It worths noting that having fed up with manually calculating bit fields for sprites, Gizmo created a two-colour sprite editor to automate the process and ease development. This sprite editor writes itself to history by being the one and only graphical utility that has been specifically developed for a completed Ostudio game to date.

This concludes this little trip down memory lane, feel free to leave a comment below. Who knows, Gizmo himself might share some interesting info about developing these fantastic games.

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3 comments on “C64 Games
  1. kapa says:

    The two-story house in Ocom is actually the building of a quite (in)famous secondary school. At least the graphically detailed label on it says VMG :).

    I want to play Comtron, never actually seen this one!

  2. Gizmo says:

    Yes, that building is VMG, where Oatillas used to hide in those times.

    That was a lot of fun developing these games, nobody had ever played with them (just me).

    Great article, it’s an honor for me that at least somebody tried out those games.

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