Kill Bill

By being part of the undergroud society of WinBusters, we took pride in removing, reformatting, sometimes even repartitioning harddisks with broken Windows 98 installations. Back in the day we had plenty of work to do, as they seemed to break every few months. This bred a healthy antipathy against Microsoft’s founder and then-CEO, which in turn gave us an idea for the next Ostudio game. It was supposed to be our first game which didn’t focus on the threat of Oatillas.

Having had enough of regular blue screen of deaths, Sepu sets out from the IT classroom of VMG with one mission: to kill Bill. Ostudio’s animator was the main character in this great point-and-click adventure game, where he used creative thinking, clever reasoning, as well as his fists and butterfly knife to make his way to the target and eliminate him. Hunt those pixels and pick up seemingly uninteresting objects from the game world to use them later in cunning ways. Have a computer mouse in your inventory? No problem, I’m sure you can bash someone’s skull in with it later.


We started developing it in December 1999 using a 320×200 @ 256 colours sprite based graphics engine, mostly developed for my independent game, Space Attack. It used 5 or 6 sprite sheets in the background to store all the sprites and animation frames needed by the current scene. I also tried to develop a basic “scripting language” to avoid having to hard code everything into the source.

We have created an awesome main menu controlled by the mouse, having the iconic butterfly knife as an animated cursor, which flung open over clickable areas.

We had the graphics for the first scene of the game done, featuring one of our classmates and our IT teacher blocking the exit. You could move the main character around, and it was possible to pick up a sandwich then throw it into a bin from your inventory.

It was about at this point when we realised the complexity of developing a full adventure game. Be it writing of the story, drawing the graphics or developing the engine, it required a lot of work which we weren’t prepared to do at the time.

The reimagined first scene in higher resolution

The reimagined first scene in higher resolution

Almost a year later in December 2000, as I started experimenting with better memory management and higher resolutions, we thought we’d give it another go, but again, we only got as far as the first scene.

A couple of years later, Quentin Tarantino shamelessly stole our game’s title for his movie. As a gesture of goodwill towards the respected filmmaker, instead of starting a lawsuit and banking in a few million dollars, we decided to cancel the project.

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4 comments on “Kill Bill
  1. kapa says:

    Do you remember what can be seen on the monitor to the right on the “hi-res” image? I can’t recall/recognize.

    • DarthJDG says:

      I actually wanted to ask you the exact same question, I haven’t got a clue. 😉

    • DarthJDG says:

      Hah! Got it. It’s definitely the top and left edges of your desktop with Championship Manager 99/00 running in a window. Take a look at this pic. I wasn’t that far off with Santa in white pants, was I? 😉 I have no idea what’s your wallpaper though.

      Fun fact: I’ve got the PSD version of the high res screen you made, the machine on the left says the following in 2px Times New Roman (typo included):


      Windows has caused an illegal baze
      ande will shut down immediately
      because this suxx

      Press any key

  2. kapa says:

    Great news! Solksjaer is quite close to Santa anyways, he is Norwegian :). Besides, he is a Manchester United legend.

    I hope I will recognize the wallpaper, I have had quite a limited set of those.

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