Otron title screen

Ostudio’s reimagination of a classic, Otron brings you the well-known light cycle race experience from Tron. In this challenging game up to 4 players can battle on a single keyboard representing four popular characters from Ocamel, trusting only their skill and the number of simultaneous keypresses that can be handled by the PC to prevail.

The goal is simple: don’t hit anything and never run out of space to move to. With no AI code whatsoever, this is a purely multiplayer action game that can be enjoyed by all ages.


Otron in-game screenshot

The game was mainly developed in a break between Ocamel shareware and full version. By around July 1998 most of Ocamel’s engine and graphics was completed, we had to postpone its release waiting for the detailed animations to be completed. When our animator SepuLaci took a trip abroad, we had nothing better to do than to start developing a new game.

Most of the code was written in July and August, with some extra sounds and graphics added in October. As Ocamel’s release took priority, the setup program and documentation wasn’t completed until much later, and on 19th April 1999 the game was finally released.

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